What is it like to not have health insurance?

Not having health insurance is a daunting reality for many. It can mean worrying about medical bills and the inability to seek preventative care or specialist care. Without insurance, the cost of medical care can be financially crippling. It can also mean going without needed treatments or procedures, or having to choose between medical care or other essential expenses. For those without health insurance, it's a stressful, uncertain situation that can have long-term implications.

Written by

Noah Whelan, Apr, 24 2023

Why do many US citizens not have health insurance?

Many US citizens are unable to afford health insurance due to rising costs and limited coverage. In recent years, the cost of health insurance has increased significantly, making it difficult for people who are struggling financially to purchase coverage. Furthermore, even when health insurance is available, the coverage may not be comprehensive enough to meet the needs of citizens. This lack of access to health insurance is a major problem for many people, as it can lead to financial hardship and decreased access to medical care. As a result, it is essential that the US government take steps to ensure all citizens have access to quality, affordable health insurance.

Written by

Noah Whelan, Mar, 25 2023