The citizenry have been urged to be conscious of the environment and buy products as well as invest in foods that will have sustainable production models for future generations to benefit from.

Madam Salma Abdulai, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AMAATI Company Limited, who made the call, said there was the need for “People to try to source products or foods that are environmentally friendly taking into consideration that the next generation will still come to meet those foods instead of just trying to eat them alone.”

She made the call at the opening of a stakeholders’ workshop in Tamale on Thursday on the theme: “Sustainable Food for all: The Role of Nutritionists and Dieticians”.

It was organised by AMAATI Company Ltd, a social enterprise that promotes sustainable food production and consumption, in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service to among concerns discuss sustainable models of food production and consumption of nutritious local foods such as Fonio to protect the environment while ensuring food security.

 It was attended by dieticians, nutritionists, academics and representatives of some public, private and non-governmental organisations.

Fonio is an indigenous nutritious cereal that grows in just eight weeks, and also adds nutrients to the soil, and thrives in savannah regions with minimal or no damage to the environment.

Madam Abdulai lamented that “Most people do not consider the environment while sourcing or investing in any product or want to own any item, and we think that it is now that we have to start, because currently, our environment is increasingly becoming degraded and most people are not concerned about that, they are just concerned about food on their tables.”

She emphasised that “Let us try to look into the surroundings and see how much we are taking from the environment. When we see how much we are taking from the environment, we will consciously make efforts to buy products or invest in foods that will have sustainable production models for our future generations to benefit from.”

She, therefore, expressed the commitment of AMAATI Company Ltd to work together with stakeholders “To own and invest in Fonio to keep our communities resilient, reduce malnutrition and nourish ourselves with our own food and tell the rest of the world how nutritious it is.”

Hajia Azara Amadu, Northern Regional Nutrition Officer called for behavioural change towards ensuring personal and environmental hygiene in preparing food to ensure a healthy society.

Professor Saa Dittoh, Grants Coordinator, West African Centre for Water, Irrigation and Sustainable Agriculture, University for Development Studies, who made a presentation on “Future food system for resilient communities,” called for cultivation and consumption of nutritious indigenous crops to avoid diseases.

Mr Abass Daudi, Head of Dietetic Department of the Tamale Teaching Hospital and Northern Zone Coordinator of the Ghana Dietetic Association expressed need for all to establish backyard gardens to improve household food security.