Madam Elizabeth Samwin, Midwife at the Reproductive Child Health Unit of the Tamale Central Hospital, has advised young girls to practice and maintain personal hygiene habits for healthy living.

She said, “It is essential for practicing personal hygiene habits such as washing your hands, brushing and flossing your teeth, which help keep bacteria, viruses, and illnesses at bay”.

Madam Samwin advised the girl's leadership and personnel hygiene seminar, organised by Savannah Women Integrated Development Agency (SWIDA-GH) in collaboration with the Institute of Business Management and Journalism, in Tamale.

She said good hygienic practices promote mental health and also prevent people from body odour, bad breath, and missing teeth, which she added, help to reduce the risk of infection from diseases.

She noted that good hygiene should be part of the daily routines of young girls, and urged them to visit health facilities regularly to check up on their health status to ensure they lived healthy lives.

Hajia Alima Sagito-Saeed, the Executive Director of SWIDA-GH, who made a presentation on leadership as part of the event, said a good leader has discipline as a core primary attribute.
She urged young girls to be disciplined to help them become effective leaders to drive the transformational agenda of the country.
She called on women to develop their leadership skills and take up positions that would help them to identify opportunities that could benefit society.
Hajia Saeed urged the girls to learn new things to sharpen their minds and skills to become good leaders.