Mr Emmanuel Abankwah Kesse, a Political Activist, has called for the formal and legal recognition of the Ghanaian media as the fourth arm of government “with good benefits and remuneration.”

He said that had become necessary in view of the role the media were playing in promoting Ghana’s democracy and good governance.

Mr Kesse, popularly known as, ‘Olumanba’ said “if Ghana is looking out for a very healthy functioning democracy and a balanced reportage, the media should be made a fourth arm of government with good benefits.”

The young politician said, "I do not blame some media persons on issues of being bribed to keep relevant information from the public because, their salaries are not good, hence they accept any financial offer that comes their way."

He, therefore, called on government to institute measures to support media practitioners just as other arms of government.

Mr Kesse, suggested that government should give accredited media practitioners discount cards for shopping and ensure their safety to encourage practitioners to give their best to the nation.