Reverend Wilson D. K. Dumasi, Parish Pastor, Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana (EPCG) has asked Christians as a matter of urgency to flee from sexual immorality to avoid grievous consequences.

He said the gospel explicitly directed Christians on how sex should be used only as an attachment to marriage.

Rev Dumasi, who was preaching the sermon under “The Heaven Shall be opened to you,” said Christians were abusing sex and needed a re-direction.

He said the instrument of sex has and continue to consume many, including the clergy and other strong willed personalities in the society and the Church.
He urged Christians to plead for God’s mercy and the will power to withstand the misfortune of sex.

He said marriage proposals did not even guarantee indulgence in sex until the ceremony was completed and urged Christians to avoid sex on God’s principle.

He said the worst forms were the same-sex phenomenon and relations, which are devilish in nature and has nothing to do with rights.
Rev Dumasi reminded Christians to live according to the word of God and be a servant and a child of God to elicit his mercies and blessings.