Reverend Cannon Clement Azure, Dean of the Bishop Aglioby Memorial Cathedral of the Anglican Diocese of Tamale has admonished Christians to desist from unnecessary misinformation and gossips that derail progress in Church building.

He said the weakest foundation in Church development is when some church members conspicuously gallivant from one drinking bar to the other, and one salon to the other to peddle falsehood about church members.

Reverend Cannon Azure said this when he preached the sermon on the theme: The Holy Family.

He indicated that Family in Christian life refers to Mary, Joseph and Jesus, and said however that by extension the family is broader and makes all Christians either legitimate part of it, by ordination or by adoption.

The Priest said Christians are obliged to belong to the Holy Family and must obey the rules of discipline, respect, love, obedience, and pursue Christian values accordingly.

He bemoaned recent lifestyles of the youth in placing monetary value in their lives first, and vehemently disobeying, disrespecting and disregarding their parents. "We are failing as parents, community and nation. Children have become disrespectful to the highest measure", he indicated.

Reverend Azure who referenced Ecclesiastes 3:2-7 said fathers are honoured in their children, which clearly enjoins them to pay attention to their upbringing through engaging them to be disciplined, obedient and respectful. "Fathers have the responsibility and right to instruct mothers to have equal rights in the training of the children". He added.

He said "If you are a child and you do not allow your parents to train you as instructed, the results is waywardness and this will be replicated in your life. That is why we have scammers all over who I describe as first class disobedient children who only plan to defraud people who have toiled to acquire their wealth.

He said "Ecclesiastes clearly instructs us to obey and respect our mothers. If you respect your mother it is wealth gathering, and a fortune for you for life. Likewise, if as parents we fail to train our children to be obedient, the result will be bringing up wayward children".

The Dean of the cathedral encouraged members of the congregation to resolve to help build the church through unity. "I encourage you to help me build a better family. I want you to stay united in building a united family; a family that will take dominion to fight against evil. Don't pretend to be angels, we are humans and fallible".

"I want a family that will help build the spiritual and physical needs of this church, not necessarily a family of numbers. A family that would unite to build a church devoid of hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is dirty. Approach your sister and help her to come out of her problem. Don't sell her out", he cautioned.