Reverend Kenneth Djotepe, Director, Programmes, Ecumenical and Social Relations of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Ghana, has urged Christians make judiciously use of their talents to honour and enrich God and mankind.

He said each soul was created in 'special ways for special tasks' and that must be exploited to the benefit of God and mankind and to safeguard the environment as the day of accountability beckons.

Rev Djotepe was preaching the sermon at the Dela Cathedral in Ho under the theme, "Faithful Stewardship," culled from Matthew 25:14-30.

He said talents were bestowed on each one, physically and spiritually, admonishing all to let that reflect in the image of God.

The Director said the ability to exhibit accountable stewardship was exuding obedience, humility, generosity and service to God and mankind.

He said many Christians have forgotten or pretend to forget the second coming of Jesus the Christ, as the reality and not a fairy tale, where each would give accountability of him or herself.

He reminded Christians to remain in their domain, be in your line, and "learn virtues and not be envious of anyone. Each created in a special way, so serve in diligence."

Rev Djotepe said the World Council of Churches (WCC) has declared in 2012 that all member Churches must make Matthew 25 cardinal, follow it religiously and discreetly in reaching out to Christians to impart people as individuals and corporate institutions about that gospel.

"This is to bring respect and honour to God, urging Christians to undertake self-introspection of themselves in the vineyard of God.

Avoid rationalisation of issues and distance yourselves from disputes and conflicts.