Auditions for the highly anticipated TV reality show 'Rabby's Starlet' season two will open on Thursday, June 10, 2021.

The founder of 'Rabby's Starlet' Actress Rabby Bray has urged talented and ambitious ladies to take advantage of the opportunity and become changemakers in society.

The auditions would be used to select the main contestants who would enter a boot camp for a period of grooming, training, and drills assessment by a team of judges.

According to Rabby Bray, the audition for participants for season 2 of the show would be done online via social media, and this would give many across Ghana equal chances to show what they have.

“We would be auditioning interested ladies for season two via our social media platforms on Instagram and Facebook. Ladies would have to complete our tasks and submit the required materials on time.

We settled for this approach because it would allow the many talented ladies across Ghana to reach us easily and level the playing field", she said in an interview.
Rabby Bray added that the audition period would be opened for two weeks counting from the first day of submissions. She also stated that the auditions will be in progressive stages to select the very best