Hajia Ayishatu Salihu, the 2018-19 Women’s Commissioner of Madina Institute of Science and Technology (MIST)

has been decorated with the Most Influential Female Student Award, while Ms Rahma Nkrumah was adjudged the 2021 Queen and Miss MIST 2020-21.

The awards, which was conferred on the ladies acknowledged their outstanding performance and adding beauty to academic work with excellence.

The MIST Students Representative Council (SRC) at its maiden Excellence Awards night, commended the academic board of the institute as well as the student body for adhering to COVID-19 protocols to protect all.

HajiaAyishatuSalihu, who is the wife of AlhajiKhuzaima Mohammed Osman, the Executive Secretary, Tijjaniya Muslim Movement of Ghana, told the media in an interview that many women all over the world have proved themselves as dynamic, vibrant, sincere and perfect in many fields.

She said efforts and role in shaping a nation's development have proved that women were in no way inferior to men.

“They are efficient and perseverant enough to face all odds, challenges, obstacles, and prove their genius in a male dominated society,”. She added

HajiaSalihu noted that today's educated and modern women have shed away their inhibitions and fears; “they have shown to the world that they are highly equipped to compete in personal and professional spheres. They are successful both as homemakers as well as professionals, academicians, bureaucrats and politicians”.

She said women were the building blocks of the nation and commended the MIST SRC for the honour which was not only to her but to all women.

She also commended AlhajiKhuzaima Mohammed Osman who have been her backbone and inspirer, pushing her to climb the academic ladder.

Alhaji Osman who was one of the special guests at the event, presented the Award to his wife on behalf of the SRC, and advised the students to be focus on what they were set to do in order to achieve it.

“Study time is only about two and half years if one looks at it critically out of the four-year university period.

“With dedication, determination and hard work, one would excel and be proud of those moment in his or her lifetime without any regret.

“What is however required of all student is to study hard and be innovative with the spirit of Entrepreneurship, so that one comes out with his or her own home-grown ideas and mechanisms to create self-sustaining business or product and to create jobs and not wait for Government or the private sector to create job for you”.

Alhaji Osman urged Government to revamp, revitalize, and invest in technical and vocational skills training with new models and techniques.

He revealed that the African Literary Club (ALIC) have designed some models and techniques fit and suitable for local engineering, mechanical and artisan students, especially the dropouts who would become repairers, inventors and self-sustainable businesses within a span of three years.

He said ALIC would engage the Government and other stakeholders in the education, business and entrepreneurship industry to finetune the concept and make it functional and practically as possible.