Many people say ‘what people do not know they cannot destroy’. Well, I guess about half of us believe in this statement while the other half of us believe ‘if you have it you flaunt it’.

Is it just me or has everyone realized that majority of the times we show off things or speak about good things coming our way they just stop half way or better still come to a halt?


When we speak about good things coming our way e.g. getting a job or a promotion at work, getting married, having a baby, buying a car or a house, scholarship, big break just to mention a few it does not happen and it is because we opened our mouths or posted it on social media and sometimes the friends and family we share these things with are not just happy for us.


That is what most people term as ‘Jealousy’. Other times too your friends do not want to associate themselves with you again not because you have done something wrong but they just do not want to move with you again because they are not comfortable around you again and it is probably because you have counted blessings they are yet to count and have achieved much more than them so they just do not see you as a match anymore and this is termed Inferiority Complex.


Let’s just not flaunt stuff that are on their way coming, let the things speak for itself, most of our friends are not as genuine as we think or they seem. They want to see us do better but not better than them.


And the sad thing is its really heartbreaking when you have good news but cannot share it because you do not know who is sincerely happy for you.


Let your actions speak for itself, close your mouths and count your blessings; some blessings are just meant for you and you alone. Let’s teach ourselves not to announce good news until everything is sealed and confirmed because sometimes premature announcements attract evil spirits and jealousy from all angles.