We all know and can attest to the fact that, the totality of a human being has to do mainly with his or her healthy living habits. And when we talk about health living habits it cuts across a lot of things like physical, social and even spiritual wellbeing all leading to the entire human being.

The main context which would be dealt with is Mental Wellbeing. Mental Wellbeing is basically about the mind i.e. our thoughts and feelings.

Study says low mental wellbeing can lead to mental health conditions like depression and anxiety which is very common among the youth today. There are many events or factors that trigger ones mental wellbeing which most of the time we have little or no control over.

Let’s talk about how stress, bereavement, trauma and academic expectations just to mention a few hits on each one of us so hard and we are likely to take instant decisions and shut everyone out.

Considering suicidal thoughts, severe mood swings, feeling hopeless, inability to perform daily tasks are all signs of mental problems but a healthy mind allows productivity, openness to great and new opportunities and full potential realization.

 Let’s not forget how failed relationships among the youth causes mental problems, some people put all their trusts in relationships and it ends on rocks so they get depressed along the line because they do not understand why the relationship ended. Others get low self esteem after failed relationships.

Another cause of low mental wellbeing is the pressure from social media, to be successful, people (colleagues, friends or mates etc) posting luxury and you feel you have not made it, you know the quest or desire to make it or get there. This pushes a lot of ladies to go in for sugar daddies and guys on the other hand to fraud. That pressure you get from the internet causes great mental pressure on you psychologically.

So some years back it was all over the news that a Senior High School graduate committed suicide just because his friend had 8As and he had 7As and 1B and I do not think this is the only suicidal case Ghana or other countries have recorded as far as academic work is concerned. This is exactly what happens in a society where academic excellence is way overrated and seen as the only means to be successful.